What's Next

Stay tuned for more information regarding the fourth and fifth round of meetings.


Round 4: Community Meetings

The fourth round of LA SAFE meetings will present one last opportunity for community members to weigh in on which projects, plans, and policies make the most sense for your parish. In meeting four, we will be coming back to you in a variety of ways, depending on which parish you call home. First, the LA SAFE team wants to join you at your local festivals to enjoy and experience the many aspects that make your parishes such great places to live, work, and play. In addition to festivals, we will be hosting open houses and workshops with both residents and government officials. In all of these meeting formats, we are hoping to narrow down the final pool of projects, plans, and policies that may be funded at the conclusion of this process.


In meeting five, the LA SAFE team will host an exhibit, a celebration if you will, with the goal of honoring, thanking, and acknowledging everyone at the community level who worked with us over the 2017 calendar year. At this gathering, the final list of potential projects, plans, and policies will be presented back to the community where residents will have an important opportunity to vote on what could be funded as a pilot adaptation project for their parish.