Disappearing Landscapes in Louisiana: When Google Maps Can’t Catch Up

Featured in National Geographic

By Victoria Herrmann of America’s Eroding Edges

We’ve all been there when Google Maps goes horribly wrong. We’re on our way out to dinner when it tells us to turn onto a ramp that doesn’t exist. Or we’re frantically trying to find an alternative route around the parking lot that is the highway when our GPS has us make a U-turn, on a one-way street, going the wrong way.

Occasionally, it’s the phone’s fault–it gets hopelessly confused and reroutes on its own accord. But, the fault isn’t always on the GPS, no matter how much we yell at our phones.

You see, we as humans have a knack for rapidly transforming the landscapes within which we live, at times making it difficult for Google’s imagery to catch up.

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