Our Planning Team

Mathew Sanders

Mathew Sanders is the resilience program and policy administrator for the State of Louisiana’s Office of Community Development (OCD).

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Liz Williams Russell

Liz Williams Russell designs and facilitates strategies to support communities influenced by land loss and relative sea-level rise across coastal Louisiana.

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Dakota Fisher

Dakota Fisher is the Resilience Program Analyst at the Louisiana Office of Community Development in the Disaster Recovery Unit.

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Rachelle Thomason

Rachelle Thomason works with communities, organizations and government agencies across Louisiana to grow local knowledge and local capacity around current and future coastal challenges with Foundation for Louisiana.

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Candace Watkins

Candace Watkins is the Disaster Recovery Specialist at the Louisiana Office of Community Development Disaster in the Recovery Unit.

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Caressa Chester

Caressa Chester supports the Coastal Community Resilience Program by assisting with the program’s increasing number of planning and outreach efforts and the continuous development of Coastal Resiliency Leverage Fund.

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More of Our Planning Team

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  • James Taylor
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  • Kia Bickham
  • Kyle Randall
  • Mac Ball
  • Maria Papacharalambous
  • Maura Wood
  • Monica Farris
  • Nicholas Matherne
  • Pam Jenkins
  • Perry Franklin
  • Ramiro Diaz
  • Richie Blink
  • Risa Mueller
  • Sandy Nguyen
  • Seth Magden
  • Simone Maloz
  • Steve Cochran
  • Steven Bingler
  • Tara Lambeth
  • Ted Guillot
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