LA SAFE is a strategic movement created to confront the coastal crisis in Louisiana and provide local residents with accessible resources and information needed to properly adapt to the emerging changes. As the foundation of our state's resilience and adaptation efforts, we are working diligently, alongside residents, to challenge land loss, co-design resilience plans, grow a more scaled understanding of coastal issues and meet the needs of targeted parishes.


LA SAFE is implementing a planning process in the 6-parish area to develop a vision, including programs, projects and policy recommendations, for the next generation. The following parishes are eligible for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) resources because of remaining unmet needs from Hurricane Isaac in 2012.

Jefferson Parish 436,275
Lafourche Parish 98,325
Plaquemines Parish 23,495
St. John the Baptist Parish 43,626
St. Tammany Parish 250,088
Terrebonne Parish 113,579
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Homes Expected to Have 14 ft of Flood Depth in 50 Years
Acres of Land Are Sinking Into the Gulf Every Year
Total Residents Living in Targeted Parishes
Acres Projected to Be Lost in Less than 50 Years

Reasons We Must Adapt

Massive Land Loss

Nearly 2,000 square miles of our coastal landscape have disappeared into the gulf over the last 80 years. As we face extreme rates of land loss, local residents must begin working towards addressing all challenges and developing solutions to respond.

Economic Relief

Residents who lack the resources to quickly adapt to growing coastal challenges will endure the pressures of mitigating, adapting and finding migration options. To ensure they have economic relief, we must begin making preparation tools accessible.

The Planning Process

The challenge is greater than only coastal restoration. We cannot build land faster than we are losing it. This means we must begin creating a plan process for adaptation, as well as a co-design process, to strategically respond to the changing landscape.

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Latest Posts

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    Featured in the Daily Comet and Houma Today By Garrett Ohlmeyer Staff Writer Terrebonne Parish residents discussed with officials what they think are the most important factors to consider when coming up with a plan to deal with coastal land loss. At a public forum Tuesday, about 100 people gathered to begin the process of setting […]

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  • Local forums to focus on critical flood issues

    Featured in The Daily Comet Serving Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes By Garrett Ohlmeyer Staff Writer The first of two public discussions in Terrebonne and Lafourche is scheduled for Tuesday night in Houma. Forums Tuesday in Houma and April 4 in Mathews are expected to include some difficult discussions about what can be saved as the Gulf […]

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Upcoming Events

    St. John the Baptist Parish Public Meeting

    A Public Meeting will be held in St. John Baptist Parish at the Community Center in LaPlace, LA. Transportation and child care services are available upon request.

    Lafourche Parish Public Meeting

    A public meeting for the residents of Lafourche Parish will be held at Mathews Government Complex to discuss a planning process for the parish. Transportation and child care services are available upon request.

    St. Tammany Parish Public Meeting

    A public meeting for the residents of St. Tammany Parish will be held April 5th at 6 p.m. to discuss a planning process for the parish. Transportation and child care services are available upon request.

Be a Part of the Process

We want to hear your thoughts and ideas. Join us in creating a better future environment by getting involved. We welcome those who would like to participate in the Lead the Coast program, volunteer for an event, lead a table discussion or host a community event.