Our Mission

Working together for community resilience, economic prosperity and a better quality of life for all in Louisiana.

LA SAFE (Louisiana's Strategic Adaptations for Future Environments) is made of passionate leaders and organizations committed to enabling our community members to take proactive steps towards mitigating risk and increasing resilience against coastal issues. We are working together to acknowledge that adaptation and restoration must go hand-in-hand with addressing community growth and contraction, as well as realizing our most vulnerable coastal communities will need to contemplate resettlement over the next 50 years. Our outlook is to become a global leader for adaptation and cultural design and restoration. Connecting a global interest with the project and offering extensive ways for people to learn about the issues and get involved will provide an immense amount of support necessary for our future environment.


Our Planning Team

Mathew Sanders

Mathew is the resilience program and policy administrator for the State of Louisiana’s Office of Community Development (OCD).

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Liz Williams

Liz Williams is the Coastal Community Resilience Director at Foundation for Louisiana.

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Dakota Fisher

Dakota Fisher is the Resilience Program Analyst at the Louisiana Office of Community Development in the Disaster Recovery Unit.

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Rachelle Thomason

Rachelle is the Coastal Community Resilience Programs Associate at Foundation for Louisiana, as part of our increasing work on coastal resiliency issues in the state.

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Candace Watkins

Candace Watkins is the Disaster Recovery Specialist at the Louisiana Office of Community Development Disaster in the Recovery Unit.

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More of Our Planning Team

  • Steven Bingler
  • Bobbie Hill
  • Connor McManus
  • Alison Rex
  • Camille Manning Broome
  • Tom David
  • Kyle Randall
  • Maria Papacharalambous
  • David Waggonner
  • Ramiro Diaz
  • Kate Peaden
  • Jiayi Hong
  • Mac Ball
  • Ted Guillot
  • Seth Magden
  • Steve Cochran
  • Tara Lambeth
  • Pam Jenkins
  • Monica Farris
  • Allison Plyer
  • Kia Bickham
  • Nicholas Matherne
  • Maura Wood
  • Richie Blink
  • Corey Miller
  • Sandy Nguyen
  • Simone Maloz
  • Darilyn Demolle Turner
  • Perry Franklin
  • Risa Mueller
  • James Taylor
  • Colette Pichon Battle
  • Cynthia Sarthou


With the help of our partnerships, we are growing community networks and knowledge to help address challenges and develop solutions needed to respond to coastal changes and adapt across social, cultural, economic and environmental landscapes.