Engagement Activity

Below is a design illustrating the LA SAFE project timeline and the meeting process. Through larger parishwide meetings, followed by smaller community discussions, our LA SAFE team will work with residents across all six parishes to discuss the process and its benefits, determine needs and opportunities in the area, set goals for desired outcomes, draft strategies, present a draft of the adaptation plan back to the communities and finally, approve the adaptation plan to provide for a better future.

Resident input is vital to our process. If you have not been able to attend one of our parish wide meetings, but still wish to make your voice heard, you can participate in our engagement activity. Watch the brief video about LA SAFE's goals, review the powerpoint presentation and then click on our engagement activity link to participate. We appreciate your input and your willingness to plan for a more vibrant tomorrow.

LA SAFE Parishwide Meetings July/August 2017

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Participate in Our Online Survey Activity

We want to hear from you! Now that you’ve learned a little more about this project and its process, we want your input. Please participate in the activity by clicking the button and answering the activity questions to the best of your abilities. We appreciate your concern and participation!

Our Holistic Approach

As Louisiana invests to restore our coast, we must consider how to best adapt to new challenges and opportunities. Considering demographic, social, economic and environmental shifts helps us to plan in our communities, across our parishes and within the broader region towards a stronger and safer Louisiana.