Frequently Asked Questions

The LA SAFE initiative is funded through a HUD long-term disaster recovery grant, and ties back to those parishes most impacted by Hurricane Isaac in 2012. Therefore, this money must go to those qualifying parishes as a regulatory matter; however, it is a goal of the LA SAFE program to secure additional resources and expand the program statewide in the future.
At the end of the planning process each parish will have an adaptation plan that is based on the needs of communities within that parish. Additionally, the state intends to invest in at least one pilot project created during the planning process.
No. By no means is the State of Louisiana planning on going into communities and telling people to move. This is an effort that is rooted in community drive initiatives. Decisions about the future will be made by those communities based on current and future risks.
The LA SAFE process is defined by a co-design planning process in which the community and the LA SAFE team work together to develop a plan for the residents who live there. This planning process is an opportunity for residents to have the power to decide how their community will adapt to current and future risks related to the environment, the economy and their surrounding culture.