For LA SAFE’s fifth and final round, your voice matters more than ever before.

Louisiana’s Strategic Adaptations for Future Environments is prepared to work with you in deciding on adaptation projects for residents of The Asian Community in this, the final round of meetings.

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to make decisions while also taking the time to celebrate a year of hard work and collaboration. We invite residents, officials and other stakeholders to come to the table one last time to have your voices heard as we evaluate each of the projects being considered.

That’s right! We are saying that you will have a direct impact on what could be funded as a result of this initiative by coming out and making your voice heard and your preference known. Opportunities to select your favorite project(s) will be provided on-site at the last round of meetings, which also serves as a chance to celebrate everyone’s hard work with food, music, art and other staples of your parish’s diverse culture. (To arrange for transportation, call Rachelle at 504.517.5292.)

We encourage you to be a part of the selection process and the celebration. The selected projects will be announced early 2018. Join us! To keep informed, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (all at @LiveLaSafe).

LA SAFE is managed by the Louisiana Office of Community Development’s Disaster Recovery Unit in partnership with the Foundation for Louisiana’s Coastal Resilience Leverage Fund.


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