Our Mission

Working together for community resilience, economic prosperity and a better quality of life for all in Louisiana.

LA SAFE (Louisiana's Strategic Adaptations for Future Environments) is made of passionate leaders and organizations committed to enabling our community members to take proactive steps towards mitigating and avoiding risk as well as increasing resilience to address coastal challenges. We are working together to acknowledge that adaptation, protection, and restoration must go hand in hand to address community growth and contraction according to flood risk. This project also realizes that some of our most vulnerable coastal communities will need to contemplate resettlement over the next 50 years and that migration trends are already illustrating some of the movement we expect to see in the future. As much as we are doing to restore and rebuild our coast, we will face a higher degree of flood risk and land loss over decades and generations to come.

We believe the LA SAFE process can help Louisiana’s communities and economies adapt to coastal challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities by discussing adaptation alongside restoration. By demonstrating the power of citizen-led planning informed by science and fueled by the vision of residents, LA SAFE is developing a suite of adaptation projects that can be used as we become a stronger, safer, more resilient Louisiana.