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Meeting 1 — March 27 - April 6, 2017

In late March, Jefferson Parish residents came out to the first LA SAFE meeting at the Alario Center and shared their input about their communities, culture and what they value about the parish. The connection to the environment in terms of livelihoods and recreation was a key theme that emerged, while residents also noted the increases in flood risk in coastal areas and neighborhoods as threats to their communities.

Meeting Summary Packet

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Meeting 2 — May 30 - June 8, 2017

At the Round 2 meetings in late May and early June, Jefferson Parish residents met with the LA SAFE team at three smaller community meetings in Metairie, Marrero and Jean Lafitte, and discussed potential adaptation strategies for their communities from a generational perspective. Residents offered ideas on stormwater management such as rain barrels, green roofs and zoning changes and code requirements for new construction. Other popular topics included improvements to transportation focused on community connectivity and livability, needs for education and job training, diversified housing options such as multifamily housing in walkable communities, and preserving the overall quality of life.

Meeting Summary Packet 

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Meeting 3 — July 24 - August 3, 2017

The Round 3 meeting in early August was a return to the parishwide format, and was held at the Mel Ott Recreation Center in Gretna. At this meeting, residents worked with the LA SAFE team to further develop and refine ideas and visions for community adaptation to increasing flood risk and vulnerability. Residents highlighted complete streets including increased shade canopy, bike lines and sidewalks as an important transportation option. With respect to stormwater management, attendees felt that investing and incentivizing in green infrastructure was a promising potential solution.”

Meeting Summary Packet

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Meeting 4 — October 14 - November 6, 2017

Round 4: Community Meetings

In this fourth round of engagement, residents had the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the draft strategies developed by the LA SAFE team after several rounds of collaborative meetings over the course of the year. These draft strategies were presented in a variety of settings included focused discussions with participants from previous meetings, including public and elected officials; casual open-house gatherings; and table presentations at local festivals and other public spaces. The planning team has taken these final suggestions into consideration as they completed the design of the potential adaptation strategies for each parish that addresses challenges and opportunities unique to that parish.

Meeting Summary Packet

See Meeting 5 for downloadable Meeting 4 and 5 Summary.

Meeting 5 — December 6 - December 20, 2017


In this fifth round of engagement, residents had the opportunity to offer their preference on the final product of our collaboration together, learn more about what is next for thier parish’s adaptation strategy and celebrate everyone’s hard work with music, art, food and other staples of your parish’s diverse culture.

During our fifth and final round of meetings, residents also had the opportunity to rank their favorite projects that have come as a result of our work together. Preferences provided by parish residents will be a key component in determining which catalytic project or program will be implemented in your parish.

Jefferson Parish Pilot Project Boards

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Meeting Summary Packet

Download a printable version of the complete summary of meetings 4 and 5.