Lafourche Parish Projects Selected for 2018 Funding

Emerging Industry Business Incubator

The Emerging Industry and Business Incubator is an Economic Development project in Lafourche Parish. Economic resilience is a cornerstone of LA SAFE. A business incubator will help launch new businesses, diversifying the economy with industries that will strengthen the region in the future.

Resilient Housing Prototype

The Resilient Housing Prototype in Lafourche Parish is a Resilient Housing project that demonstrates an ideal development pattern for an area where the future flood risk is projected to remain relatively low.

Lafourche Parish

Lafourche Parish is one of Louisiana’s most diverse parishes both in terms of geography and population, with two-thirds of its area being on land and one-third water; it’s also influenced by a rich Native American history. That geographic diversity includes marshes, sandy ridges, bodies of water and natural levees that help give Louisiana its nickname, “Sportsman's Paradise.” Lafourche Parish includes a natural habitat for a range of wildlife, including alligators, deer, fish, nutria and shellfish. Its economy is equally diverse, driven both by its agricultural industry (providing everything from sugar, citrus, beef, livestock and seafood) and its fuel industry — with the help of Port Fouchon, which services 90 percent of all deepwater oil production in the Gulf of Mexico.