Plaquemines Parish Projects Selected for 2018 Funding

Plaquemines Harbor of Refuge

The Plaquemines Harbor of Refuge project is primarily a Resilient Infrastructure project located
in Empire, Louisiana. Plaquemines Parish is a Sportsman’s Paradise with some of the world’s best commercial and recreational fishing.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Program

The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Program for Plaquemines Parish is a Public Services/Education program as outlined in the LA SAFE Guidelines. Areas projected to experience high future flooding risk are, in many cases, currently experiencing significant environmental, cultural, economic and social challenges.

Plaquemines Parish

As Louisiana’s southernmost extending parish, Plaquemines Parish is unique in both its geographic proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and its division by the Mississippi River. This location gives Plaquemines economic advantages, provides for beautiful natural surroundings and allows for many recreational opportunities. The parish serves as an operational center for the offshore oil and gas industry and is an active hub for the commercial seafood industry. Due to its warm climate, Plaquemines is the top citrus-producing parish in Louisiana. Its location, however, also leaves Plaquemines and its residents open to many hazards that threaten the future vitality of the community, including land loss and flood risk. Nearly all of Plaquemines is vulnerable to frequent flooding of some sort: stormwater, river flooding, storm surge, and/or backwater flooding.