St. John the Baptist Parish Projects Selected for 2018 Funding

Airline & Main Complete Streets

The Airline and Main Complete Streets project is a Resilient Infrastructure and Community Nonstructural Mitigation/Flood Risk Reduction project positioned along Airline Highway in LaPlace.

St. John the Baptist Parish

Bisected by the Mississippi River and bordered by three lakes, Lake Maurepas, Lake Pontchartrain and Lac des Allemands, St. John the Baptist Parish’s unique location makes it a prime location for agricultural activities and an abundant amount of naturally occurring resources — whether it be natural gas, petroleum, sulphur, salt, premium quality sands, sugarcane farming or seafood. As one of the state’s “River Parishes,” St. John the Baptist is home to chemical- and petroleum-processing facilities, which are primary sources of employment in the region. As a parish that has abundant low-risk flood areas, St. John the Baptist Parish has the opportunity to strategy for what a future with more population looks. This is important to ensure that environmental risks are not worsened, but instead are improved, and that present and future infrastructure and development decisions do not increase risk or tax current infrastructure.