Terrebonne Parish Projects Selected for 2018 Funding

Buyouts for Permanent Resident Households

The Buyouts for Permanent Resident Households program is a Resilient Housing project that seeks to relocate the relatively few homeowners still living outside of the Morganza to the Gulf structural protection system.

Lake Boudreaux Living Mitigation

The Lake Boudreaux Living Mitigation project is a Resilient Infrastructure and Community Nonstructural Mitigation/Flood Risk Reduction project that will be a model for how certain geographies think through a future with increasing flood risk.

Terrebonne Parish

Terrebonne Parish has been shaped by rivers, bayous and the gulf, the cultures of Native Americans and other early settlers, and an economy largely based on the area’s natural resources. Over 85 percent of the parish is water and wetlands, with freshwater marsh in the northern areas, brackish marshes further south, and saltwater marshes near the coast. The extensive bayous, wetlands, and marshes of Terrebonne provide recreational, agriculture, aquaculture and economic opportunities. In Terrebonne Parish, the natural environment has shaped where residents live and where major business and industries have located. This will continue to be the case in the future, as the parish’s landscape shifts to more open water, less land and increased impacts from future storm surge with the disappearance of the wetland buffer.