Nearly 3/4 of Louisiana voters believe coastal land loss will affect them: poll

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By Sara Sneath, Environment Reporter

A new poll shows that 74 percent of Louisiana voters believe that coastal land loss will affect them in the future. The poll was conducted by the by the Applied Technology Research Corp. on behalf of the Restore the Mississippi River Delta, a coalition of environmental nonprofits.

The poll was used to gauge support of the state’s 2017 coastal master plan, a $50 billion, 50-year plan to save the coast with projects to build and maintain land lost from subsidence and sea level rise and reduce hurricane flood risk. The coastal master plan will be up for approval in the Legislature later this month. The poll found that 88 percent of likely voters want their legislator to vote for the plan. And 67 percent believe there isn’t currently enough money available to do what needs to be done to protect and restore coastal Louisiana.

The poll was conducted over the phone with 1,050 likely Louisiana voters from across the state, with a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points. Of those polled, 450 lived in non-coastal areas. Still, 74 percent of those polled said that they believed coastal land loss poses a very serious threat to the state of Louisiana.

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